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What is EGCE?

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Enterprise Power. Easily Obtained.

We Guide You Every Step of the Way.

We've built Greater Green E-Thrive™ technology to meet the needs of the largest and highest-demand enterprise customers, while still being cost-effective for all dispensaries. We're here to support the industry in full.

Swift Onboarding.

Get going effortlessly with our one-time license. Kickstart your journey in no time.

Your Server, Your Control.

We manage all Greater Green Tech on your server, so you stay in control of your online journey.

Efficient Team Training.

Train your team or agency efficiently with our user-friendly tools and thorough video-based documentation.

Seamless Site Deployment.

We ensure hassle-free site setup, so you can concentrate on growing your business effortlessly.

Tools for Success.

Get the tools you need for success in the cannabis industry. We're here to make you thrive.

Uptime Assurance.

Enjoy uninterrupted site performance. We keep things running flawlessly, so you can focus on success.

E-Thrive™What is EGCE?How E-Thrive Works
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