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EGCE is an acronym for

Enterprise Grade Cannabis Ecommerce, built for MSO's.

Greater Green developed its E-Thrive™ platform to meet a rigorous Enterprise Grade Cannabis Ecommerce (EGCE) standard that optimizes for the industry's coming rapid growth phase, which will see more and more dispensaries looking to up-level their e-commerce offerings.

The EGCE standard demands, and E-Thrive™ uniquely provides with leading-edge technical capabilities your MSO needs to scale.

By adhering to the EGCE standard, E-Thrive™ overcomes the Dutchie iFrame and Wordpress limitations that currently constrict so many dispensaries' online sales.

Greater Green E-Thrive™ is the only Enterprise Grade Cannabis E-Commerce Compliant Solution on the Market, built for MSO's to scale.

Your Site. Your App. Together as one.

The E-THRIVE™ modern stack powers the flexibility to build Progressive Web App (PWA) storefronts merging robust product catalog management with engaging shopping experiences callable anywhere.

Setting an Industry Benchmark.

The EGCE standard represents the new performance benchmark for cannabis dispensaries seeking to craft bespoke digital environments that match sophisticated in-person buying journeys, with future-proofed foundations, ensuring that brands have the tools to continue innovating at the pace of industry change.


Greater Green E-Thrive™

WordPress Solutions

iFrame Solution

EGCE Compliance

Edge Computing (Node.js/Lambda/Serverless)

Redis Caching

Builder.io CMS

Service Worker with Prefetching

Server Monitoring (Sentry)

CI/CD Pipeline

Service-Oriented Architecture

Server-Side GTM Ready

Conversion-Focused Design

SEO Optimization

Real-Time Sync

Enhanced Analytics and Data Capture

E-Thrive™What is EGCE?How E-Thrive Works
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