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Introducing E-THRIVE™

Enterprise-Grade Cannabis Ecommerce for Dutchie Plus.

Greater Green E-THRIVE™ easily & affordably shifts your online dispensary sales from after-thought to after-burner.

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Your Dutchie iFrame site under sells by at Least 27% of potential.

1. New customers don't know your products exist.

E-Thrive™ ensures your site features prominently in Google search results.

2. Your existing customers don't purchase online.

E-Thrive™ makes your site faster, more engaging, and easier-to-use.

3. You can't supercharge sales & promotions.

E-Thrive™ gives your staff easy-to-use tools for customizing product offers

Identifying the problem.

Dutchie is the best choice to manage your dispensary inventory.

But the iFrame is a less-than-optimal ecommerce solution. It limits SEO discoverability, site usability & performance, as well as merchandizing & promotion capability.

E-THRIVE™ by Greater Green is the solution.

An Enterprise Grade Cannabis E-Commerce solution that rests on top of Dutchie Plus.

Only E-Thrive ensures team peace-of-mind through feature-richness & ease-of-use, technological advantage from stack sophistication & future-proofed scale optimization, and economic value with an affordable one-time license fee & money-back guarantee.

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Maximize revenue with your current team and resources

With E-Thrive You're 10 Days Away From World-Class E-commerce

Increased discoverability ensures your site & products get found on Google.

Unmatched SEO turbocharges your dispensary’s organic visibility and traffic to boost new customer acquisition.

Product Pages are designed for search crawler indexing to enhance product findability

Location-specific content targeted pages and offers increase local relevance for searches.

Enhanced Usability & Performance Means Higher Online Sales From Each And Every Customer.

Intuitive site navigation guides visitors smoothly to desired products with tiered menus and filters

Mobile-optimized experience increases mobile usage with flawless responsive design

A/B testing. Continuously optimize page design and layouts based on empirical user data

Unmatched Merchandising & Promotion Allows you to Showcase Your Dispensary's Unique Voice & Style.

Easy-to-use page builder tools and CMS empowers your team to create product pages and manage campaigns with drag-and-drop simplicity

Automated content publishing schedule timely, fresh content and promotions driving repeat visits and purchases

In-depth product pages showcase products incl. descriptions, images and backgrounds

Affordable One-Time License Fee Includes Our Pays-For-Itself 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Affordable one-time licensing lets you own the future of your cannabis c-commerce digital experience.

Full solution ownership boosts revenue growth and maximizes technical capabilities, while prioritizing long-term cost predictability.

ROI increases over time. No ongoing software cost.

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E-Thrive™What is EGCE?How E-Thrive Works
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